international leadership consultants

International Leadership Consultants (ILCs) are recent college graduates who are hired by Delta Phi Epsilon to travel the United States and Canada. This position provides young professionals with invaluable career experience; providing them with an opportunity to hone their skillset before entering a corporate setting or continuing their education in graduate school.

Each ILC works directly with chapter members, leadership team members, advisors, university professionals and local alumnae to identify areas of potential improvement and address specific situations. They serve as Delta Phi Epsilon brand ambassadors and official representatives of the International Headquarters.

professional success and benefits

The ILC program will expose you to a variety of professional experiences: leadership development, facilitation, project management, training, recruiting, and problem-solving. Additionally, ILCs become experienced business travelers, public speakers, and trainers.

The ideal ILC applicant is a well-rounded leader who has held Panhellenic or chapter positions (Leadership Team experience is not required), campus involvement, excellent communication skills and is confident in herself. Delta Phi Epsilon is planning to hire a team of 20 women to join the ILC team.

Do you work with an incredible Delta Phi Epsilon leader who is an ideal candidate for the ILC program? Please submit her information through the ILC Referral Form so we can contact her. Any Delta Phi Epsilon recent alumna or undergraduate, no matter her year in school, may be submitted.


Hiring Timeline:

January 1: Applications Close at 11:59 PM ET

January 8-19: Skype Panel Interviews

February 2-4 or 16-18: Interview weekend in Philadelphia at IHQ

February 26: Offer letters sent

February 28: Announcement of ILC team
parent information

If your daughter is interested in attending graduate school, being an ILC is a great way for her to visit different universities, experience campus life firsthand, and network with campus professionals. From student affairs to medical school, past staff has attributed this professional experience as a key factor in preparing them for higher education.                                                                                    

Former staff members have continued on to be successful professionals in a variety of careers: Human Resources, Law, Engineering, Education, and Marketing… just to name a few! Being an ILC will give your daughter the professional experience that will allow her to be successful and marketable in a variety of fields. Additionally, she will be exposed to our large network of alumnae who can provide networking and mentorship opportunities for her.

As employees, ILCs are paid bi-weekly in accordance with Delta Phi Epsilon payroll. All travel expenses are covered by the International Headquarters while any travel during time off is the responsibility of the ILC. Since the position is completely remote and travel-focused, ILCs will have the ability to select which city they’ll call home base. Whether they return home or choose a new city, this will provide consistency for our ILCs during their time off.

Your daughter’s professional success after her time as an ILC is important to Delta Phi Epsilon. We encourage ILCs to take placement exams, schedule interviews and attend orientation weeks during her year of travel. From professional headshots to monthly webinars, your daughter’s professional development will be a continued focus for us.