Your Home Away From Home

For many of our Delta Phi Epsilon sisters, a chapter house, or related facility, is an integral part of their undergraduate experience. The National Development Corporation (NDC) was formed by Delta Phi Epsilon to provide our undergraduate members with safe and secure housing. Our facilities are a place for sisterhood to grow and strengthen. They are a tangible representation of the home Delta Phi Epsilon provides. A place where sisters can find a sense of belonging and become their best selves.

Delta Phi Epsilon chapters call a variety of spaces “home.” From large houses that sleep upwards of fifty women to chapter suites that offer programming space, all of these spaces have something special in common. They are the place where our sisterhood comes together to build lifelong bonds and create memories.

All official Delta Phi Epsilon facilities have volunteer and staff support who oversee operations and needs of the chapter and/or parents.

  • "My chapter house is where I made the best memories of my senior year. We often held sisterhood events! From watching movies to crafting–it allowed us to bond. I also appreciated that it was both a clean and safe place to live. Overall living in our house was the best decision I made senior year."

    Sonia Patel, Eta Chapter at University of Pittsburgh

  • "Living in sorority housing provided a great experience for me this past year. I was able to grow closer to my sisters and create lifelong memories with some of my best friends. Our house mom always took great care of us as well. It was reassuring to know we had someone who was there whenever we needed her."

    Amy Orlov, Delta Eta Chapter at University of Michigan

  •  "One of the best parts about living in the DPhiE house is being surrounded by sisters at all times. All aspects of sisterhood are heightened when you live in the house. There's always someone to eat meals with, there's always someone to study with, and there's always someone to ask you about your day. Living in the DPhiE house was the perfect way to spend my senior year!"

    Allison Dougherty, Beta Upsilon Chapter at Rochester Institute of Technology

The NDC owns and manages a variety of facilities for Delta Phi Epsilon chapters. Unofficial chapter houses have the opportunity to become official through our Chapter Licensing Program. The program grants protection for our members and their property as well as funding for renovations and upgrades. Our goal is to carry the day-to-day burden of the facility and its services and maintenance needs. This allows our undergraduate members to have the best possible home that is welcoming, safe and clean.

To learn more about Delta Phi Epsilon housing or to request more information regarding the Chapter Licensing Program, please view the form below.