Be a Founder

Being a founder is a special opportunity that so few women get to have. You are able to decide what the sorority experience will be for women on your campus. Delta Phi Epsilon is looking for women who want to find their home away from home and be part of this rewarding process.

As a founder you will

As a founder, joining DPhiE will provide you with a sense of belonging. You will create lifelong friendships and find your home on campus. You will also be empowered to live an authentic life and find support in achieving your personal best. We don’t want you to be anyone but your best self!

Our Sorority values making an impact in the community. As a Founder, you will receive unique opportunities to lead and serve. You will decide the legacy you want DPhiE to leave on campus. Being a founder allows you to start the sorority fresh and create traditions that will become a part of history on campus!

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