Sisters Sweep Scholarships

Sister Spotlight

Scholarship recipients of the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation are very diverse and utilize the funds for a variety of experiences that are set to further their education, such as studying abroad, and financing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate tuition. With majors and careers ranging from STEM, to art therapy, to education, the winners of this scholarship are some of the most driven and dedicated sisters that we have. 


Growing up, Jessica and Jaucelynn Hickam shared almost everything. Jaucelynn often looked up to Jessica for guidance and inspiration and lucky for both of them, some things never change. What started as an innocent phone call would lead to this dynamic sister duo both receiving scholarship from the Education Foundation. 


Both Jessica and Jaucelynn are sisters of the Gamma Omicron chapter at Georgia Southern (Jessica, Spring 2012 and Jaucelynn, Spring 2016) and attribute themselves to the passion and love that radiates from the sisters of their chapter. Both are dedicated to becoming and remaining the best educators they can be. Both lean on each other for support and inspiration and they are great examples of an adoring Delta Phi Epsilon legacy story. 


Jessica, who was a large part of the chapter’s conception in 2012, would drop hints to Jaucelynn that having a biological sister in Delta Phi Epsilon would be amazing, but never wanted to influence her choice to join. She watched Jaucelynn’s love for the organization grow as she attended events, met sisters and got to witness the construction of their campus house, a project Jessica spoke about frequently. Jessica had hoped that, by witnessing her journey in DPhiE, Jaucelynn would be sparked with empowerment as she began her own journey in college.


“When I was little, I would see my sister doing something and I always wanted to do it too. But when I saw her in Delta Phi Epsilon, I was influenced in a different way. It wasn't that what my sister was doing was just cool or it seemed fun, but that I saw my sister unleash this confident, passionate, and beautiful woman that I had always looked up to. She ignited the spark that began my love for Delta Phi Epsilon,” said Jaucelynn Hickam.


Now a 7th grade Mathematics teacher, Jessica is looking to further her education with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, so that she can be better equipped to serve her students. The scholarship from her beloved sorority is permitting Jessica to become a better educator, whilst having less stress about finances. 


Jaucelynn is in the process of obtaining an undergraduate degree in special education; working towards implementing her own teaching philosophy which is “to empower students through education and create a loving and accepting environment” for all her future pupils. Through receiving this scholarship, she was able to apply for a teaching aboard program in England. 


Support in one’s life comes from those who you keep the closest and this sister duo is a great example of what is possible when you always have someone helping push you forward. 


“Some people say sisters are close; as we get older we only became closer. I’ve been in awe of the leadership and teamwork she’s given to Delta Phi Epsilon, making it all more memorable to share this experience with her!” said Jessica Hickam. ​

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