Planting to Feed

Sister Spotlight

Food insecurity:

The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 



In Delta Phi Epsilon, we value justice, which can appear in our lives in many ways. For this Beta Nu alumni, justice for an issue as common as homelessness and food insecurity comes in the form of a garden.  


“In everything I have done since joining Delta Phi Epsilon, my sisters have not only supported me but cheered me on the entire way,” said Jess Wescott.


In 2012, Jess joined the Beta Nu Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon at Wesley College. At this time, Planting to Feed Inc. wasn’t a reality, but a passion of Jess’s for the betterment of those around her and it finally had a place to flourish. Her ability and talents to help those in need would eventually follow her into her adult life.


Jess Wescott is doing her part to assist those in need by utilizing our greatest asset, the earth. Jess runs a non-profit called Planting to Feed Inc. which began in 2016. The organization works out of Wilmington, Del. where Jess’s church, The Journey, opened her eyes up to an issue she knew she was called to act upon. As she was serving her church, Jess met a few men suffering from homelessness and she knew she needed to tackle hunger. With support from her church and volunteers, she was able to put four raised gardens in the back of their parking lot to grow fruits and vegetables that could feed the community that needed a little extra help.


Planting to Feed Inc. now operates 16 gardening beds at Kingswood Community Center and also has gardens in three residential areas. Jess and her volunteers meet on Saturday mornings to harvest the plants, discuss goals and plan their monthly meal, which they host at Kingswood Community Center on the third Sunday of every month. In addition to their active gardens, Planting to Feed has what they call “street warriors.” These volunteers hit the streets to hand out free meals and share support for those without some of the basic essentials. 


Delta Phi Epsilon is honored to have sisters like Jess Wescott, who are creating real change in their communities. If you are interested in working with or donating to Planting to Feed Inc. you can email them at [email protected] or visit their website at 


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