Ritual Task Force Resolution Approved by International Governing Board

News | 02/18/2018

Over the past several months, a special task force led by the International Ritualist, Cheryl Lamm, Rho Chapter at University of Illinois, has been working on a resolution to modify and create uniformity across chapters of our ritual and ceremonies. 


Delta Phi Epsilon Leadership Sets 2018-2021 Strategic Vision & Goals

News | 02/18/2018

Over the weekend of February 9-11, 2018, board members from the Educational Foundation, National Development Corporation and International Governing Board, were  joined by Delta Phi Epsilon’s National Panhellenic Delegate and Executive Staff from the international...

Challenging the Status Quo: From One Generation to the Next

Sister Spotlight | 01/23/2018

Kirpa Grewal will be the first to tell you she owes much of her activism to her mother. In the South Asian culture, there’s a custom of handing out sweets when a boy is born. These sweets are called ladoo. Born to parents who already had two daughters, Kirpa was seen as...

Déjà Vu DPhiE Style

Be Involved | 01/12/2018

When you join DPhiE, you learn a lot of things. You learn about our insignia, our programs, our history, and the opportunities that exist for you throughout the lifetime of being a sister. A decade ago, a confident 20-year-old and eager 18-year-old joined DPhiE.


The City of Sisterly Love: 7 Things to do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

News | 12/22/2017

Philadelphia has traditionally been dubbed the “City of Brotherly Love,” but ever since DPhiE headquarters relocated to the area, there’s been a whole lot of sisterly love overflowing onto the city’s cobblestone streets. Whether you’ve been here once or 1,917 times,...

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

News | 12/12/2017

We have scoured through hundreds of Greek Licensed vendors to bring you the ultimate DPhiE Holiday Gift Guide.

The Holidays are about giving to others, but as you can see we also picked out gifts for you! Forget the guilt - you deserve it! You made it through...