Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Rebeka's Story

Foundation | 05/19/2017

A few weeks ago, as I walked across the graduation stage to receive my diploma, I began to reflect on December 11th, 2011. This was the last day of my first freshman semester- at Duquesne University. That day I felt like I was destined to amount to nothing as I...

DPhiE Found Me Again

Sister Spotlight | 05/19/2017

I joined Delta Phi Epsilon in fall 2014. It was easy to fall in love with DPhiE- from my chapter to our sorority’s values and philanthropies- I felt at home. I learned so much about myself through my new member orientation and I made friendships that will last a lifetime...

A Seat at the Table

Be Involved | 05/18/2017

We inspire and empower our sisterhood to engage in a lifetime of leadership and service. – Delta Phi Epsilon’s vision statement

When you join a sorority, you join for many things. One of my reasons was to develop my...

How DPhiE Led Me to My Career

Service & Philanthropy | 05/17/2017

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking about how every decision we make has the potential to shift the course of our entire lives. One of those life-altering decisions, for me, was joining Delta Phi Epsilon sorority.

I was interested in joining a sorority from the...

Women's Health Week 2017

Be Your Best Self | 05/13/2017

It’s National Women’s Health Week and that means you have the perfect opportunity to celebrate your physical and mental health.  Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to require big, grand gestures.  Incorporating small things everyday into your routine can produce big...

Sharing A Bond Three Different Ways

Service & Philanthropy | 05/08/2017

You can have Cystic Fibrosis and you can have a sister. You can join Delta Phi Epsilon and you can have a sister join Delta Phi Epsilon. But it is not every day that you have two biological sisters with Cystic Fibrosis join Delta Phi Epsilon and that is something truly...