The Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship - Honoring the life of a young champion.

Foundation | 12/09/2018

The Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship, named in commemoration of the daughter of Past International President Dawn Barta McNulty, Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University was created to support a sorority member who has overcome a medical, personal or family...

Arleen Kruger Honick Scholarship – Honoring the depths of sisterhood.

Foundation | 12/02/2018

Arleen Kruger Honick, Psi Chapter at the University of Georgia is one of our sisterhood’s most prolific leaders, volunteers and supporters. Adding to her years of dedication to Delta Phi Epsilon, Arleen’s commitment has reached even greater heights recently with the...

DPhiE Announces Re-Chartering at University of Tampa

News | 11/16/2018

For eight years, Delta Phi Epsilon has been studying, planning and preparing for our way towards recolonizing and re-chartering at the University of Tampa. With a force of supportive, determined and enthusiastic alumnae and persistent staff, we got the chance to make our...

Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation Announces New Annual Scholarship - Madeleine Claire McNulty (MCM) Scholarship

Foundation | 10/16/2018

A new annual grant that supports a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE) sorority pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree, who has overcome a significant medical, personal or family difficulty.  Gina Curtis, Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Humboldt State...

Planting to Feed

Sister Spotlight | 09/04/2018

Food insecurity:

The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 



In Delta Phi Epsilon, we value justice, which can appear in our lives in many ways. For this Beta Nu alumni, justice for...

Sisters Sweep Scholarships

Sister Spotlight | 08/20/2018

Scholarship recipients of the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation are very diverse and utilize the funds for a variety of experiences that are set to further their education, such as studying abroad, and financing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate tuition. With...