The Gift of Sisterhood

Sharing the gift of sisterhood with women who exemplify our motto, mission and founding principles is an honor and a privilege for the members of Delta Phi Epsilon. Alumnae Initiation is a gift we share with the women in our lives who have not had an opportunity to join DPhiE through traditional collegiate recruitment, yet they are committed to living our values and ideals.

Alumnae initiates have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of alumnae members. Alumnae Initiates can be found leading their local alumnae associations, advising chapters, serving on committees and even leading our organization as Board members.


Alumnae Initiation Nomination Form
  • Lynn

    "BE was the word that stood out. Be inspired, Be connected, Be Resourceful, Be Informed, Be Aware, Be Giving and Be Authentic. We had a shared passion and purpose. After I was initiated as an alumna, I received welcoming hugs and congratulations from my new sisters. They taught me a great lesson. Whether you're Gen Y, X, or a boomer like me, common values can transcend age differences."

    Lynn Bardowski, Delta Epsilon Chapter at Drexel University

  • Amanda

    "Sharing our sorority Ritual at Convention and initiating my mom as a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon is a memory of a lifetime and one that I will never forget. Having Cheryl Lamm, our International Ritualist and a DPhiE near and dear to my heart, lead the ceremony was truly a memorable moment. The greatest thing about our sisterhood is the shared values and traditions that create a sacred, unbreakable bond between sisters across many generations."

    Amanda Sobel, Gamma Beta Chapter at Florida Atlantic University

  • Pat

    "Little did I know when I walked through the doors of Delta Phi Epsilon International Headquarters on my first day of work that this wouldn't just be a workplace, but it would become a home. As I listened in amazement at the passion, dedication and love of these women, I knew I needed to become a member. Two years after my alumna initiation at the 2014 Convention, I am only just beginning to understand that sisterhood is not a destination but a journey with the most fascinating and wonderful women I know."

    Pat Cutsavage, Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University – Camden