Sisters Wherever You Go

Being a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon means being part of a group of thousands of women who empower one another and make an impact within their communities. An alumnae association is a gathering of sisters who live in a certain city or area of the country. Sisters from all chapters and all ages are encouraged to join and hold leadership positions within an association.

Alumnae associations serve many purposes. For most, it is a place for sisters to connect and socialize. Associations stay informed on Delta Phi Epsilon news, may choose to support local collegiate chapters, and vote on Delta Phi Epsilon business at Grand Chapter.

start an alumnae association

Do you miss the special relationships and support you found as a Delta Phi Epsilon undergraduate sister? Are you in an area without an alumnae association? Starting an alumnae association is easier than you think. There might already be sisters near you trying to form one!

New and reorganizing associations have support from the Alumnae Services Department at International Headquarters. For resources and support please contact [email protected].

alumnae panhellenics

We are proud to be sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon. As members of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), we are proud to be sorority women. Being involved in Alumnae Panhellenics allow us to continue our sorority membership in a different, yet equally fulfilling way.

An Alumnae Panhellenic is a community-based organization that is an extension of the NPC. There are hundreds of Alumnae Panhellenics across North America. Membership not only provides you with networking and leadership opportunities, it allows you to represent Delta Phi Epsilon amongst the sorority women in your community.

If you want to represent Delta Phi Epsilon on an Alumnae Panhellenic or register yourself as an already placed representative please contact [email protected].